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  1. I thought the book was amazing that you can have your heart broken and still find love and lose your virginity .😀😀😀I’m talking about the V Card

  2. I just finished reading THIN for the second time. It was copyrighted in 2016, so when I saw on the last page that Book 4 was untitled so far, I assumed it should have been published by now. Not only can’t I find it on Amazon, it doesn’t even show up on this websight. Also, that last page gives a mailchimp address where I am supposed to be able to sign up for emails from you and get free Sharing Spaces stories, but when I use the link there, I get info about Mail Chimp but nothing about you.

    1. Hi. You can’t find it, because it isn’t out yet 🙂 The title is ‘Skin’ and it will release in 2018. Official release date to come.
      As far as Mailchimp, I switched newsletter services last year, and older copies of my books might still have mailchimp links in them.
      You can find the updated signup page here: http://www.subscribepage.com/lukelovesjenn

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