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  1. PLEASE come out with a new bionics book it’s killing me to know if Gage makes it back to the headquarters and what Dax does , is Gage the one to pull Dax back into reality I notice you like different names so feel free to use mine. Also what about Jenica?

    1. Hi there,
      You have a very cool, unique name. Maybe it’ll turn up in one of my future books 😉
      I am working on The Revolution now, which is novel 3 of the series. ALL of your questions will be answered.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. PLEASE, and I know you hear this ALL the time but I NEED Book 3!!! I also read Daughter of the Red Dawn and will be starting book 2 of that series. I adore your books, your creativity, your originality. Fantasy and Science Fiction are by far my favorite. Then again, a guy in a Kilt with a Scottish castle and some time travel isn’t too bad either. Thanks for your work. I stumbled onto your books through Nook Books and clicked on one of your free books. I thought, what do I have to loose and now I’m hooked on your work. Best wishes to you! Oh, BTW, we share our first names! Very cool.

    1. Hi Alicia,
      What an amazing name you have 😉
      Book 3 is on the way! As soon as it’s turned in to my publisher it’ll have an official release day. Thanks for reading.

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